Evening Walk in Shanghai – Jinchao No. 8 lanes

Evening Walk in Shanghai – Jinchao No. 8 lanes

On North Sichuan Road, Hongkou wants to build its own new world. The original old lane has been renovated and turned into a fashionable leisure place.

It has a unique name: Jinchao No. 8 lanes, which everyone jokingly calls “White Lanes This Morning”.

The overall planning style still looks good, but it may take some time to quickly accumulate popularity.

Old Shanghai people believe that the surrounding residents who lived there have been moved out. The popularity will disappear when no one lives.

The old and the new are always cyclically replaced, which promotes the development of society.

Hongkou District, Shanghai

Video Source:【4K】Shanghai Travel 四川北路要打造“虹口新天地” 今潮8弄 \ China streets \上海の街 \ Z6ii from WuWa Vision on Youtube CC BY