Chinese Grass Owl – Natural Bird Sound

Chinese Grass Owl – Natural Bird Sound

The eastern grass owl, also known as Chinese grass owl or Australian grass owl, is a species of owl in the family Tytonidae.

They feed predominantly on small rodents. Though some authorities consider this owl to be conspecific with the African grass owl, T. capensis, other consider it to be a valid species.

Iris brown. Mouth off-white. Feet light gray-white, with short rigid feathers. The body length is 34 to 42 cm, and the female bird is larger than the male bird.

The face is flat, with a milky white or grayish-white face, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, with a clear outline formed by fine black lines on the edges, showing a heart-shaped or apple cross-section.

The top of the head, the back, and the wings are generally dark brown, or dark or light, densely covered with small white spots. The tail coverts are white with black horizontal spots. Throat, chest pale yellowish brown, belly below beige.

There are many dark brown round spots on the ventral and underwing coverts.

Widely distributed in Southeast China, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, India, Australia and other places.

It is an endemic subspecies in Taiwan and is a rare resident bird. It inhabits flat land to low-altitude hills, rests during the day, and flies to fields for food at night.

Video Source: 草鴞(東方草鴞)/Australasian Grass Owl from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube  CC BY