Bull-headed Shrike – Natural Bird Sound

Bull-headed Shrike – Natural Bird Sound

The bull-headed shrike is a passerine bird of eastern Asia belonging to the shrike family Laniidae.

It is 19–20 cm long. The male has a brown crown, white eyebrow and black mask. The back is grey-brown while the wings are dark with a white patch. The flanks are rufous and the rest of the underparts are whitish with fine barring.

It breeds in north-east China, Korea, Japan and far-eastern Russia (Ussuriland, Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands).

Northern birds migrate south for the winter with a few reaching southern China. Vagrants have been recorded in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam. The isolated race sicarius is found only in the mountains of Gansu Province in west-central China.

Video Source: 紅頭伯勞(牛頭伯勞)/Bull-headed Shrike from Chuenguey Hwang on Youtube CC BY

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