Bijarim Forest Walk – Jeju Island, South Korea

Bijarim Forest Walk – Jeju Island, South Korea

Bijarim Forest is located on the Island of Jeju. It is the largest island in South Korea, Jeju Province.

Bijarim Forest, designated and protected as Natural Monument consists of thousands of nutmeg trees ranging from 500 to 800 years old.

The tree is a world-rare, nutmeg tree forest populated by large trees ranging from 7 to 14 meters high, 50 to 110 centimeters in diameter, and 10 to 15 meters in width. Nutmeg, the fruit of a nutmeg tree, has long been used as a repellent, and wood has been used to make high-end furniture or go board because of its good material.

The forest bath in the dense green nutmeg (Bija) forest has a natural health rest effect that flexes blood vessels, restores mental and physical fatigue, and restores the rhythm of the body.

It is a perfect course for hiking and exercising lightly.

Video Source: Welcome to Jeju Bija Forest 17 Min. Tour | Woodland Walks | iPhone SE2 | OM4 | 4K 60fps from Mr. Road View on Youtube CC BY