Astrophotography – Nohoval Cove, County Cork, Ireland

Astrophotography – Nohoval Cove, County Cork, Ireland

While I was resting on the couch one evening I got a call from my Pal Kieth. He was heading out to shoot the Milky Way with another friend Cian and asked if I wanted to go along. I jumped at the chance and also at the opportunity to learn from these guys how they take their amazing shots, and to see if I could get something similar for myself.

I don’t have that much experience in astrophotogrpahy, and truth be known I don’t really have that much skill when it comes to it, I setup my shots like I normally would, one long one for the foreground and multiple 20 second exp for the sky, but quickly realised that I was missing one key piece of Equipment, a tracker. I asked both guys to fill me in on how it all worked.

After shooting, Keith was great to give me some online one to one editing and it was fascinating to watch him and also myself to try and copy him on my own images. Keith also sent me a version of my shots that he edited and you can see the difference is vast. I still have a lot to learn about this skill, but so far it’s been fun.

Video Source: Astrophotography 2.0 | Tracked & STACKED with Cian and Keith 4K from Darren J Spoonley Photography on Youtube ⁄ CC BY