Akashi Park and Akashi Castle, Japan

Akashi Park and Akashi Castle, Japan

Akashi is a city located in southern Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, on the Seto Inland Sea west of Kobe.

Akashi Park is in Akashi City. The park is about a five minute walk from Akashi Station. It is popular during cherry blossom season.

Akashi castle was constructed by Ogasawara Tadazane on Mount Akamatsu from 1617 to 1619 to watch over the western lords, by the order of Tokugawa Hidetada. It is known Miyamoto Musashi helped in building the castle as he was invited by Ogasawara Tadanao to be a “Construction Supervisor”. The castle only took one year to complete, which was relatively fast for the time period. This was done so quickly as a result of a 1615 law mandating one castle per clan, so many castles were dismantled and parts of some were used to construct Akashi Castle.

Akashi castle underwent major repairs in 1739, and was demolished by the Meiji Government in 1874, but two 3-storey towers still remain.

Video Source: Japanese Garden at Akashi park castle- CLEAR YOUR MIND! BE ONE WITH NATURE! from WOW That’s Japan on Youyube ⁄ CC BY